Adhesive Tape Adviceand What it is Used For

Adhesive tape duct tape, Foil tape is only one of the numerous everyday miscellaneous materials a HVAC company requirements. A company owner or purchasing manager may benefit in the six easy steps below, which can enable you to make the best decision if you are searching for a new provider of adhesive tape.So as to make the Right choice, you actually need some personal experience with the product, so allow me to share mine with you to help save you some precious time. The tests below don’t pretend to be scientific, or a replacement for lab tests, but they will teach you the fundamentals. Simple isn’t always stupid.

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  • Test Adhesion for the Finest guideline – Stick your thumb to another assortment of tape supplier You will instantly feel which ones do not stick well enough. Don’t even look at those; simply throw them away, avoiding mistakes. Use the samples which do pass this first rule of thumb test and continue on to another step.
  • Foil strength test. Make strips of tapes 1/2 inch by 3 inch and then stick them together in pairs face to face, glue to paste. Try to pull each pair apart with your fingers. See which aluminum foil will tear and which will hold. Compare results and pick the strongest ones simply to continue testing.
  • Fire retardant properties. From the rest of the samples create some more 1/2 inch by 3 inch strips and mark them. Remove the protective paper and light among the samples using a match from 1 end. Keep the strip in a 45 o angle. Do exactly the same with every strip, and you may dismiss those that burn with black smoke and don’t self-extinguish.
  • By now you Will likely have 2-3 samples just – just as well since this test is a bit tricky! Have a piece of sheet metal 1 inch by 4 -5 inches, and be certain that the metal is dry and dry on both sides no oil, no dust, no water. Hold it or prop it up vertically a stainless steel ruler will do. Prepare sample strips of 1/2 inch by 3 inches. Split the samples into mixed pairs after labelling them! And stick half of each sample into the metal plate i.e., one sample reverse another on both sides of the metal plate, so that half of the tape is on the plate, and half is sticking 90 degrees to the metal plate. Apply finger pressure to the samples to be certain that the fantastic surface contact between tape supplier and plate is accomplished. After that, take good care of the free ends of the samples you stuck, and simultaneously pull the tape samples.