Set of Business Security With Executive Protection Training

Once in country, review the Security and accessibility of the buildings which are being used as your place of business. The safety review should be determined by the location, type of organization, employee accessibility, culture and possible threats. Understanding of your assigned area of business is crucial for safety precautions and anti-kidnapping actions. Check the safety of the region, and learn who’s responsible for security in your work environment and whether security is visible. Look to find out if there’s a single point of access into the building or if there are a number of unprotected or unlocked access points.

In a perfect world your place of business would have safety arrangements composed of complementary and layered security systems enough to deter and detect potential kidnappers. This would consist of tall perimeter fences, higher employee and visitor access controls, the use of intruder alarm systems, closed-circuit video observation and arbitrary guard patrols throughout the construction. But after the first check you will almost certainly find the present arrangements to need. Try to make the best of your situation. Take good care of what you can control, and enhance it the best you can.

If you are issued a mobile radio, ensure you understand how it works and how to keep it operational. Know the list of call signs at your place of business. Obtain emergency and contact numbers and addresses, and keep the record current. Keep a mobile telephone at hand when you are in your place of business. Emergency contact numbers should include those of the:

  • Embassy
  • Security personnel
  • Local police

Developing Very good connections with security can go a long way towards keeping you safe from kidnapping while in your in-country area of business. Make sure that security personnel identify any strangers that are loitering inside your in-country area of professional bodyguard training business. Also, instruct safety to request identification from service or utility workers. Do not allow visitors to be alone inside your in-country area of business. Do not allow unauthorized personnel access to all these essential regions of the building. Be sure security offers an escort at all times. Be conscious of your surroundings, and report anything out of the ordinary to government. Be educated and aware of the possible threat.

In Order to have an effective security program at your place of business, it needs to be a concerted effort by all team members. Security policies and measures should be implemented with the right actions to take in the case of an emergency. Update the overall safety program by taking a few sensible precautions. Review and upgrade the current office safety procedures. Include a physical security program and a kidnap prevention program.

Conduct a threat assessment of this office to recognize physical security regions of concern and safety policies and procedures that might have to be established or reorganized.

  1. Positive control over access to the construction
  2. Visitor access control processes