A Plus for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Hatchback

There’s just one word to describe a Mercedes-Benz A Class hatchback; adorable. From its elegant nose to delightful posterior, the almost unexpected offering from the well-respected German camp brings with it a zephyr of much needed fresh air to the hatchback category.

Mercedes-Benz are not a manufacturer that one would have ever expected to branch out into the universe of the compact family car. Giving stately, dignified cars that have been at the forefront of the public concept of extravagance and exclusivity, Mercedes have proved that there is more to their image than astronomical prices and outlandishly enormous bumpers.

With the plunge of the economy, the second-hand car market has seen a blast in prominence that has brought numerous previously unattainable cars close enough for even the leanest budgets. A used Mercedes-Benz hatchback still offers quality and elegance for substantially less than the first price.

I’m not searching for a new car at present, yet I’ve yet to pass up an encouragement to test-drive a model for research purposes. Whilst I’m a devotee of huge great 4x4s (my Discovery and I have conquered most of the surrounding rough terrain), there’s something about the allure of a Merc that is felt by even the most biased brand aficionado.

Mercedes GLC 300

Being based in a very provincial area I am blessed with country lanes that merge into metropolitan roads, ideal territory to put any car through a lot of hardship. Unfortunately it was coming down metaphors, and I was slightly dubious about whether the comparatively tiny used Mercedes-Benz A Class could compare to the taking care of offered by the beast that is the Discovery.

From the offset it was quite a charming experience. Regally pulling ceaselessly from the forecourt the A Class behaved impeccably as I headed into town to see whether it could inspire the same feeling of confident performance as a car twice its height. Also, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it did. There’s a surprising measure of interior space, so much so that you almost feel as in the event that you’ve stumbled into the Tardis rather than a compact family car. Holding the street despite the deluge, I was soon out of urbania and heading through some particularly fierce twisting country roads.

Not a problem. Every corner was a doddle, and whilst there was no other traffic to contend with I felt that the littleĀ Mercedes GLC 300 could easily squeeze past on even the narrowest lane. Whilst I did not leave the office intending to purchase a new car, I was almost tempted to enquire about payment schemes. Certainly the price was very attractive, and the performance that I had experienced proved that even however it was more diminutive in size, it had the heart and stomach of a completely mature Mercedes-Benz.